Is the Power.Tune Electricity Saver legal to use in Malaysia?

Yes, it is legal. Any changes to do before the Tenaga meter reading are considered illegal. Power.Tune Electricity Saver is installed after the Tenaga meter reading.

Will the Power.Tune Electricity Saver unit definitely reduce my electricity bill?

The Power.Tune Electricity Saver unit will definitely reduce your electricity bill. Based on customers’ feedback and extensive tests, savings up to 25% have been recorded under normal conditions. The % savings will depend upon the type of load and the consumption. In some cases, savings above 30% have been recorded, especially in shops, offices & Light Industrial.

Why are you putting saving up to 25% and not 30%, 40% or even 45% that some other brand of Electricity Saver says?

The % of saving are varies base on the electrical appliances uses. We are putting a realistic figure of up to 25%, although some of our customers are getting above 30% saving.

Some electrical appliances are getting above 50% saving whereas some electrical appliances recorded 5% – 20% saving. Average, most of our customers are getting 10% – 25% saving.

Is there any certification to prove that it is safe to use?

Power.Tune Electricity Saver has the most stringent safety, performance and reliability test conducted by international and local approving statutory bodies.

It is technically compliant with the EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 and EN61000-6-1 requirements.

Power.Tune Electricity Saver has CE certification and has gone through the following stringent tests:

  1. Power Line Conducted Emission Measurement

  2. Radiated Emission Measurement

  3. Harmonic Current Emission Measurement

  4. Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Measurement

  5. Electrostatic Discharge Test

  6. RF Field Strength Susceptibility Test

  7. Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity Test

  8. Surge Immunity Test

  9. Injected Currents Susceptibility Test

  10. Voltage Dips and Interruptions Test

Does the Power.Tune Electricity Saver requires any maintenance?

No. Simply plug the Power.Tune Electricity Saver unit on your premises and start saving money.

Do I need to make any changes to the electrical wiring?

No. The Power.Tune Electricity Saver is designed as a Plug n Saved device. Simply plug the unit into a 13Amp socket on your premises & it should be plugged into a wall socket, not an extension lead.

Which model of Power.Tune Electricity Saver is suitable for my use?

There are 2 models for Power.Tune, Please follow the table below to choose the right model for you:

Model: PT-01

TNB Bill/Month: Less than RM300

Kwh/Month (Single phase): Less than 1,000Kwh

3-Phase: Install 1 unit at each phase up to 3,000Kwh/month

Model: PT-02

TNB Bill/Month: RM300 – RM1,000

Kwh/Month (Single phase): 1,000Kwh – 2,000Kwh


– Install 1 unit at each phase for 3,000Kwh – 6,000Kwh/month

– Install 2 units at each phase for 6,000Kwh &hdash; 10,000Kwh/month

How long is the warranty period for the Power.Tune Electricity Saver?

Power.Tune Electricity Saver comes with a 12-month warranty, covering any manufacturing or material defects.

What is the Return of Investment (ROI) of buying the Power.Tune Electricity Saver?

Based on our customer feedback and field-testing, the investment on the Power.Tune Electricity Saver can be easily recovered within 6 months. Therefore, you will enjoy additional savings for years to come.

Can I leave the Power.Tune Electricity Saver Unit ‘switched-on’ continuously?

Yes. The Power.Tune Electricity Saver should be left ‘Switched ON’ continuously to achieve the maximum savings. We recommend that the unit should be switched off during long periods of inactivity, for example, when going abroad on holiday, or if the premises are closed for long periods of time.

Please note that the Power.Tune Electricity Saver stores energy up to 3 seconds after it is switched off. Please wait for at least 3 seconds after switching off before un-plug or relocate the Power.Tune Electricity Saver

Can I put 2 units of Power.Tune Electricity Saver for single phase to achieve higher % of saving?

Under normal circumstances, 1 unit is enough.

– For model PT-01, 1 unit is enough for monthly usage of below 1000kWH.

– For model PT-02, 1 unit is enough for monthly usage up to 2000kWH, however, if it is single phase and the usage is above 2000kWH, you can install another unit of PT-02.